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A boy/ girl seeking admission has to have his/her name registered on the waiting list in advance. The registration fee at present is Rs. 500/- and is not refundable. The classes of which a boy/girl is admitted is decided exclusively by the school on the basis of the candidates' age, the result of the admission test and interview by the Principal of the school who reserves the right to reject or admit any one, notwithstanding anything stipulated in this prospectus. If after being called for admission a student does not present himself on the appointed date and time, the registration is taken to have lapsed.
  • Registration starts from December to 31st January every year for Nursery L.K.G, U.K.G, Std- I. Admission from Std. II to Std. IX and XI will only be possible on the basis of transfer certificates of any C.B.S.E Institute of other cities or other provinces only when seats are vacant till 31st August.
  • Admission test if scheduled to be held on the first Sunday of the month of February every year.
  • Admission starts from next day of admission test for the test for the next session, April to March.
  • Parents will submit 2 copies of Passport Size Photo, Birth Certificate, Medical and Blood Group Certificates along with admission application within seven days from the date of issue, otherwise admission will cancelled.
Admission and withdrawals

Admissions are made after proper tests subject to fulfillment of Age Certificate for admission which are as follow:

Nursery     :     3 to 3.5 years

L.K.G     :     3.5 to 4 years up to 31 March of the year.

Std. I     :     Starting of 6 years up to 31st March of the year.

Parents are interviewed to inform them regarding type of education offered in the school and make them aware and seek their cooperation needed of the development of their ward S.T.C will be issued on payment.

Transfer and school leaving certificate are issued only after all dues of the school are cleared. Every student of the school as to keep with his identify card issued by the school. Parents will submit 3 copies of passport size photo with the Application form during admission.

School Uniform
   Uniform is compulsory for every student. According to India seasons, a school has been provided different uniforms for both boys and girls.

 April to September

 Boys  :   Bottle Green Pant, White Bush Shirt, White Socks, Black Shoes.
 Girls  :  Bottle Green Skirt, White Bush Shirt, White Socks, Black Shoes.

Wed & Saturday Boys  :  White Pant, White Bush Shirt, White Socks, White Canvas Shoes.
Girls  :  White Skirt, White Bush Shirt, White Socks, White Canvas Shoes.

Boys & Girls

October to March : Bottle Green Pant, white Full shirt, White socks, Black Shoes, Maroon Sweater, Maroon Blazer, Maroon Scarf.

Web & Saturday : White Pant, White Full shirt, White Socks, White Canvas Shoes, Maroon Sweater, Maroon Blazer.
(A part from the above there should be school Belt, Badge and Tie compulsorily)
Pretty Petals : Boys & Girls same Uniform as above except White Shirt-Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri wear Pink Shirt.

Wednesday, Saturday white Uniform

School Hours:
Day School   :   09:00 AM to 02:00 PM (July to March)
Morning : 07:00 AM to 11:30 AM (April to May)
Course of Study
The school follows the syllabus prescribed by C.B.S.E New Delhi in full. Besides regular studies, computer education is provided from Std. I to XII. Those are not opting for computers are to take writing or Fine Arts of music. Fees
Examination and Promotion:

This school holds two semester semester examination in Sept. and March every year. Unit tests are held in May, Aug, Nov, Jan. Academic and non-academic performances are taken into account for promotion and students neglecting non-academic subject will be detained. 40 percent minimum marks in each subject throughout the year are essential for promotion to the next classes.
A students who repeats the same class twice will not allowed in any case to continue for the third year.

  • On being absent in F.A. 1,2,3,4 & SA1, SA2 and Pre-board examination two hundred rupees shall have to be deposited for each subject.
  • The students will be prevented from appearing in the Central Board of Secondary Examination. If they ignore pre-board examination owing to any reason.
  • The students have to secure at least 50% marks in any examination. To pass IX & XI class examination 60 % marks in inevitable.
  • The students, must have 80 % attendances otherwise they will not be promoted to higher class if they have secured even good marks in their subjects.
  • It is essential to obtain pass marks in project work, Extracurricular Activities and Practical Examinations.
School Conveyance (Bus)
  1. The bus will pick up the children on the main road. The parents should arrange to bring the children to the bus and to take them back and should not expect the conductor of the bus to help children to cross the road.
  2. If any child wants to discontinue using the school bus the parent should send intimation to the school authority one month before the new session starts. (April)
  3. In absence of conveyance due to unavoidable reasons the guardian should have to send the child on their own responsibility for any type of street accident. (Buses are available on limited routes in Gaya.)
  4. Tuition Fee/Bus Fee and all dues deposit in the month of the February, due to closing year.
Talent Search competition

  1. Debate English Hindi
  2. Speech English Hindi
  3. Elocution English Hindi,
  4. Quiz English
  5. Essay English Hindi
  6. G.K Test
  7. Painting
  8. Music
  9. Group song and Dance
Games Conducted for Boys and Girls in the session

Boys and Girls (STD. IV to V)
Football 2. Basket Ball 3. Kho-Kho 4. Kabaddi 5. Athletics 6. Indoor Game Also

Boys and Girls (STD. VI to XII)

Hand Ball 2. Basket Ball 3. Badminton 4. Table Tennis 5. Volley Ball 6. Football (Boys) 7. Cricket (Boys) 8. Throw Ball 9. Indoor Game Also.
Note: Caution money deposited at the time of joining the shool is refundable when the student leaves school after completing his studies or gives notice for withdraw from the shool prior the the commencement of the next session.
Bus Charges

To be paid for the 12 month. No deduction is guaranteed for the absence charges are Rs- 450/ to 800/- according to the routes and distance.

Annual Sprots

The winners in the Annual competitions in sports, games and other discipline will be given prizes and certificate by the management.


Three best students of each class securing not less than 95 % marks will be awarded Rs 500/- for that year in which he/she shows his/her excellent academic performance.

Admission Rules for class XI

The students who have secured minimum 60 % marks in their exams are eligible to apply for the admission. But the selection for the admission for students belonging to Biology, Science and maths would be made according to the highest marks thye have obtained.

All the students seeking admission register themselves through prescribed form. Written test of the candidates is a prerequisite for admission. Choice of subject depends upon the merit of the students.

Date of Registration (for other school)      25th March to 15th April
Selection list of interview      16th April
Interview of Students & Parents      18th/19th April
Selection list ot be announced      20th April
Date of admission      21st to 28th April
Introductory Session      1st week of June at 6:30 AM

Required Documents during Admission for XIth

Transfer Certificate
Marks Sheet (original)
Caste Certificate
Migration Certificate
Character Certificate
Physical Fitness
Blood Group, Vision-LR, Teeth Cerificate
Three copies of passport size photo
Note: For class XI the tuition fee has to be taken from the commencement of the time (April of the session )

Working Days

Class- XI 1st term 56 Days
  2nd term 93 Days
  Final 45 Days
Class- XII 1st term 45 Days
  2nd term 93 days
 Final 55 days

Examination Schedule
Test Examination X & XII From 3rd week of August.
Pre Board X & XII From 3rd week of January
1st Terminalz XI  August 
2nd Terminal XI January 
Half Yearly XI December
Final XI March

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