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Guardians/Parents to Note

  • Monthly Fee must be deposited in time, failing which the name of the student will be struck off.
  • A copy of parents/ guardian photograph has to be deposited with the school office for the purpose of identification.
  • Only parents/ guardians who deposit their photos with the office can meet the student during leave, but not without permission of the principal.
  • Parents/ guardians will be responsible to bring their wards to the school at the opening time and collect them at the closing time.
  • Neither relatives and friends would be allowed to meet the students inside the campus nor the students are permitted to go outside the campus with their relatives and friends.
  • Telephonic message of any kind will not be entertained, unless it supported by valid evidence.
  • In case of leaving the school in the middle of the session, the students will not be entitled to any refund of fees and security money.
  • The students belonging to class IX, X and XI would not be bestowed Transfer Cetificate at the demand of the guardian. Only those will have the right to received it who will be expelled from the institution on any account.
  • A concession of Rs. 500/- is admissible if the parents/ the guardians deposit the fee for one year April to March at a time.
  • The school would not be responsible for any loss or suffering on account of natural calamities.
  • All messages to the students will be delivered through the Principal/ Authority of the school.
  • Rules and fees are subject to change without any prior information.
  • If the students from Nursery to Class V remain absent in the class, they have to give ten rupees fine for each day. For the student from VI to Class VIII, twenty rupees fine will have to be paid for each day. From class IX to XII, fifty rupees fine will be payable for each day in being absent in the class.
  • If the students do not complete their home work and obey their order, and are undisciplined and do not reach the school in uniform, the teachers have right to fine them which is payable.
  • It is very essential for the students to be present in human welfare work, national service work, physical education, games & sports, social service, lesson plan ,ecological work, N.C.C camp education tour, Picnics, School Competition, National Festival, Cultural Programme and serving the man in natural calamity in the nation. Besides these circumstances, they have to be present in National International Traveling, establishing swimming and other athletics.
  • A part from syllabus prescribed education, the students attendance is indispensable in practical, electronic, drawing, type writing, sewing-weaving, music, dance, handicraft, debate competition and moral education for which the classes are held on every Saturday.
  • The students have to give prior information for their absence in the class for any reason.
  • Leave is not granted to the students after entering the entering the student even on the desire of the guardians.
  • If the school remains closed on the day of festival and on any all of a sudden circumstance, the student's presence is essential before it's closing and its opening.
  • You are requested to have regular consult with school office.
  • Absence of students of class IX to XII will be granted only after perusal of due evidence of illness and having information of illness or any occasional problem immediately otherwise Rs. 50/- only will be charged as fine for every absence.
  • For study of Course only the books of C.B.S.E or N.C.E.R.T are recommended.
  • Avoid private tuition to save and give proper time for self study of the students.
  • The School teachers are very serious themselves for a striking result of the students of class X and XII. Only your co-operation is these following aspects are required.
  • Attendance of the students should be excellent.
  • Any subject creating any problem to the student should be discussed only with subject teacher of school in school- hour.
  • Your inspiration is also required for a better performance of your ward.
  • You are requested to abide by the rules and regulations of the school accordingly keeping close relations with the school office.
  • The school teachers have right to suspend the students found creating nuisance in the school premises for five days.

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