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General Rules & Regulation

The full co-operation of the parents is an essential condition for the successful development of our programmes.
  • The students should arrive at the school 10 minutes before the warning bell.
  • Absence must be explained and signed by the parents or guardians in the school diary.
  • Parents and guardians are prohibited from visiting the classes and talking to the teachers or students during class hours without the written permission of the principal.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school in maintaining regularity and discipline. They will send their children properly dressed in school
  • No pupil will run or shout in the corridors or the hall of the school.
  • Students must buy the books, exercise books from the school and keep them clean and covered with their name written on them. Scribbling on books, desks and walls instrictly forbidden.
  • Pupils are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises the school hours without the permission of the Principal. The permission will not be given without a note from the parents stating the reason.
  • The school does not accept the responsibility for the loss of book, money etc. Hence it is not divisible to bring valuable articles and money.
  • Parents should also take care of home work assigned to their children. The school diary which is a compulsory item for each pupil will serve the purpose of report from the teacher.
  • Parents are requested to sign this to confirm whether they have checked it. Any complaint can be made in the diary.
  • The committee holds the power of making necessary changes besides those prescribed in the prospectus in certain circumstances.
  • Tuition fees are accepted on the 5th and 10th of each month. In case of nonpayment, the name will be struck of at the end of the month. Rs. 100/- will be charged for readmission. It is also to be noted that the guardians will have to pay fine of rupees five per day till the readmission.
  • A Parent's day is celebrated twice a year (January & September). They are requested to attend the school on that day ot discuss the relevant matter related with teaching process and other development of the school and meet the class teacher on specified day in regard to their child's progress in studies. For the convenience of the children school buses are available.
  • The students belonging to class X & XII would not be bestowed transfer certificate at the demand of the guardians/ parents. Only those will have the right to receive it who will be expelled from the institution on any account.
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued for Nursery to Class XII th at the demand of the guardians or the parents after a week. Though written approval by principal/director.
Rules of Fine & Expulsion

  • Fine is imposed if a student break or destroys any school property and remains absent from school.
  • Any ill-behavior with fellow students or with the teachers is taken seriously. That may entertain fine or expulsion from the school. Both the Director and the Principal are committed to achieve prosperity and success for the institutions. They are determined and dedicated for this noble cause of education.
Library Rules

The school has a well stocked library and a reading room with magazines and periodic. Book of various subjects are available for the students.

  • All the students of std. IV to XII may borrow books from the library by depositing security money.
  • Perfect silence shall be observed in the library.
  • Students who keep books linger than the time permitted will be fined.
  • Book of reference section may not be taken out of the library.
  • Writing anything on library books is prohibited.
  • Any damage to books borrowed from the library should be brought in the notice of librarian.
  • Each pupil is entitled to get a book issued for seven days.
  • All book taken from the library should be returned within two weeks before the terminal and final examination.
  • T.C will not be issued until a clearance certificate is obtained from the librarian.
  • On getting the books torn and lost, their three times two cost shall have to be deposited.
  • To get the costlier books than deposited money, their two times cost shall gave to be given to obtain them to take it at house.
  • The issued books are not be given to any other many to study. If it happens, the membership of the library would not exist.
  • The books of the library will be issued by noticing the standard of the class of the students.
  • Giving or take work of the books depends on the wishes of the librarian.

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